Liver Detox With Coffee Enema €90

Liver Detox Coffee Enema Remove toxins from Liver and Remove Dark Circles Under eyes

The liver is the detox center of the body. It can become conjested due to everyday common toxins such as; incorrect diet, excessive alcohol, medical drugs and toxic chemicals in the air we breath. Toxins in the liver can lead to heavy dark cirles and bag under the eyes.

Many believe dark cirlces and eye bags are hereditory. But what may be hereditory is a liver which is slow or sluggish at detoxing. This in turn may lead to dark circles and eye bags. During a colonic liver detox enema a herbal solution containing caffeine is gently infused into the colon and retained for 15 minutes to gently detox the liver.. The results of a liver detox are instantly brighter skin, eyes and vitality. Liver detox enema is a must-have treatment to accompany any detox programme and to kickstart a new diet.

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