Food Intolerance Test €120 SPECIAL OFFER – 50% OFF (Normally €149)

Food Intolerance Test – €120 Merrion Road, Ballsbridge, Dublin 4 and Blanchardstown Village (special offer price)

Could you be sensitive or intolerant to specific foods? For example did you know that wheat intolerances cause bloating and that the most common foods we eat such as bread, pasta, and “healthy breakfast cereals” contain it?
Wheat is just one food which can cause bloating, weight gain and constipation in many people. When you elliminate the foods which you are intolerant to, you may experience increased energy and healthy digestion and weight loss.

  • Food intolerance Test may identify problem foods in your diet which cause weight gain, bloating and IBS.
  • Food intolerance testing is performed using FDA registered Biomeridian class 2 medical device.
    • Food Intolerance includes a Printed report of 114 Foods
    • Suitable for Adults and Children
    • Instant Results with Green, Red, Orange Guide
    • Appointment late evenings and Sundays
    • Only FDA certified Food Intolerance Test in Ireland
    • Painless, no needles, no blood samples
    • Works using Meridian point reading
    • Computerised Software Driven technology
      FDA means that the device has undergone clinical trials in a recognised university with subjects and test criteria for evaluation.

The body is tested against 114 common foods including dairy items, meats, vegetables, nuts, grains, caffeine, alcohol and fruits. A report is produced which indicates a code: Red (avoid), Green (go-ahead), Yellow (weakened). You may bring a list of 5 extra suspect foods or additives which can be tested for.

Based on a study by the University of Hawaii, the BioMeridian allergy test had the highest degree of compatibility with a food re-challenge test when compared to other means of assessing allergies. A food re-challenge is where you avoid a particular food for a period of a few weeks and then reintroduce it into the diet to see if the body has a normal reaction or is sensitive or allergic. 300 double blind tests we used comparing allergy diagnostic tools to history, and the BioMeridian proved to be more accurate than skin testing (where an antigen is placed on the skin, and the skin is pricked to see whether or not a histamine response is observed) or RAST test (a test measuring specific IgE antibodies in blood serum) (Lehman, C.W.: The Leukocytic Food Allergy Test: A Study of Its Reliability and Reproducibility. Effect of Diet and Sublingual Food Drops On This Test. Ann. Allerg., 45:150-158, 1980).

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