At Dublin Vitality Center, you may decide to undergo an enema to add extra detoxification to your colonic irrigation cleanse. Normally, the enema is administered after the colonic. So you will be having the treatment on an empty bowel and therefore it is possible to retain it for 20 minutes. Dublin Vitality Centre with clinics at 50 Merrion Road, Ballsbridge, Dublin 4 and Blanchardstown Village offers advanced colonic irrigation hydrotherapy and liver coffer enemas to flush, cleanse and hydrate the body in absolute privacy.

What Is The Difference Between Colonic Irrigation and an Enema?

A colonic cleans the entire colon. This treatment involves water being gently introduced into the colon and released. This is repeated many times until the entire colon is clear. Colonic irrigation or colonic hydrotherapy normally takes about 45 minutes. An enema does not clear the entire bowel. It only partially clears the bowel. It consists usually of 1 Litre of water infused with either caffeine, garlic, spirilina or camomile. Each of these enemas have different health benefits. An enema differs from a colonic in that the solution is retained in the empty bowel for approximately 20 minute. During this time, the colon absorbs the solution. It has time to soak deeply into the walls of the colon.

Benefits of Enemas

Enemas are particularly useful to remove hardened fecal matter that has built up over time and adhered to the walls of the colon. During an enema, it is not uncommon to see very dark black matter being excreted from the colon. Surprisingly to many clients, they felt that their colon was empty after the colonic. Yet, the enema removes even more deep rooted old and hard built up matter that had being lying in the colon causing toxins to be absorbed again and circulated throughout the body.

Types of Enemas & Prices

  • Liver Coffee Enema & Colonic – NOW €120
  • Fresh Garlic Enema & Colonic – NOW €120
  • Probiotic Implant & Colonic – NOW €120

Common Reasons For Coffer Liver Enemas

  • After Chemotherapy
  • To relieve toxic load from the liver
  • During / after exposure to medication
  • Recovering from illness
  • Recovering from cancer
  • Dark circles under the eyes
  • Eye bags / puffy eyes

Coffee Liver Enemas – NOW €120

Liver Enema Flush  is beneficial for :

  • removing dark circles underneath the eyes
  • reducing eye bags
  • reduce bloat
  • cleanse liver
  • cleanse candida

After the colonic a natural herbal solution of organic caffeine is introduced into the colon. This is retained for up to 20 minutes. During this time, it is absorbed by the colon and transfuses with liver. It causes the bile ducts within the liver to dilate allowing a large release of toxins to become free and to removed from the liver back into the colon. This happens approximately every 5 minutes. Therefore if the solution is held for 20 minutes, the body has 4 opportunities to flush the liver. Once the solution has been held in the colon for 20 minutes, it can be released. It is not usually to see very dark matter being released. This is the toxic load of the liver which has been stimulated and removed by the caffeine enema in the liver. A feeling of eurphoria often results. Eyes sparkle immediately and the client generally reports feeling revitalised and full of energy. They have no inclination to “retox” and generally they wish to take on only fresh healthy food because they feel so clean and new from within.

Common Reasons For Garlic Enemas

  • Candida detected
  • Thrush
  • Yeast infections
  • Parasites
  • When fighting infection
  • Amalgam Mercury Fillings
  • Metal Taste In mouth

Fresh Garlic Enema – NOW €120

4 Cloves of Fresh garlic are blended to create a natural fresh garlic enema solution. The garlic enema is then introduced into the empty colon. It is retained for approximately 20 minutes. During this time the garlic reaches deep into the colon. Its potent natural antibiotic effect controls harmful bacteria in the colon. Many people ask how they might remove candida. But candida has a purpose in the colon. Its job is to eat heavy metals. Anyone who has amalgam mercury fillings or is exposed to chemicals may benefit from a garlic enema as it reduces the toxin load of metals in the body. Garlic enemas help fight infection from deep within so they are useful for anyone overcoming illness bacterial infections.

Types of Enemas Available at Dublin Vitality Center


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