COLONIC IRRIGATION Dublin NOW €90 not €120 at Ballsbridge and Blanchardstown Clinics

Using the most advanced Harley Street method, it is now possible to enjoy the powerful health giving benefits of colonic irrigation hydrotherpy in privacy. This method also offers liver caffeine enemas without any loss of privacy whatsoever. Dublin Vitality Centre enjoys two amazing clinic locations at 50 Merrion Road, Ballsbridge and Blanchardstown Village, Dublin 15.

Using the most advanced Harley Street Method, it is possible to undergo colonic irrigation without any loss of privacy. Dublin Vitality Centres nurse trained practitioners hold certification in both IACT and ARCH and have been providing this wondering health giving treatment in Dublin for many years. They are the only colon hydrotherapists in Ireland who hold the internationally recognised I-ACT Instructor Level Training, a programme which takes approximately 6 years of practice and training.

Colonic Irrigation Benefits:
Colonic irrigation has been used for over 3000 years. Infact the first recorded evidence dates back to 1500 BC. The treatment has retained its value across history and cultures. From the Egyptians to the ancient Hebrews and right up to now, those who understand the body and how it works, have always used colonic irrigation to optimise health and vitality. Hippocrates, the first doctor and the father of medicine was an advocate of colonic irrigation.

One unequivocal conclusion can be made about colonic irrigation. Colonic hydrotherapy has great value to our health. Why else would this wonderful treatment have lasted the test of time. Why else would the demand for colonic irrigation be as strong as ever before. They are effective. They offer a feeling of relief from constipation, heaviness, depression and bloating immediately and they have many deep healing benefits which medical science is only beginning to understand.
Colonic Irrigation Benefits

May be beneficial for:

  • Constipation
  • Sluggish Colon – Increases strenght
  • bloating
  • IBS – Irritable Bowel Syndrome
  • Alternating constipation/diarrhea
  • Sinusitis
  • fatigue
  • insomnia
  • weightloss
  • depression
  • food cravings
  • skin problems
  • dark eye circles
  • mood / PMS
  • mercury/amalgam filling detox

How Will I Feel After Colonic Irrigation?

  • You will have a feeling of lightness
  • Less Bloated
  • Tummy Flat
  • Reduced Cravings For Unhealthy Food
  • Increased energy and vitality
  • Eyes sparkle with hydration
  • Skin looks clear and clean

Colon Care

For many people, colonic irrigation sounds like an unnecessary idea. They believe that the colon can take care of itself. We must ask ourselves, do we assume that our skin needs never to be washed? Who would think that our nails need never to cut and that our hair need never be washed? Certainly not. Infact, we lavish our bodies with great attention and neglect the colon, the very organ which works hard to eliminate all the junk that we put into our bodies. And since our bodies are consuming more and more processed food, colonic irrigation is more important than ever. Processed foods harden and impact within the colon causing residue to develop. This can cause a layer of impacted fecal matter which is hard as rock and difficult to remove. It is known as mucoid plaque. It develops over many years and cannot be removed with laxatives or any other means. Infact mucoid plaque is a calcified form of fecal matter. Since the job of the colon is to absorb water; hense the reason why its contents are solid on excretion, the colon continues to absorb eliminate of this putrid poisonous mucoid plaque which does not do the body any good. Infact, it causes many of the problems associated with toxification.

We know that unless we adhere to strict diets, we will gain weight. We know that if we abuse our bodies with alcohol and sugar we will not look or feel vibrant. We must offer the colon just the same amount of care to the colon. Over a lifetime, tons of fecal matter pass through the colon. Inevitably not all of it makes a clean exit. Just like the pipes in your plumbing system.

In order to achieve optimal health, it is important to adhere to sound nutrition, exercise, positive mental attitude and colonic irrigation.


COLONIC IRRIGATION NOW €90 not €120 at Ballsbridge and Blanchardstown Clinics. Using the most advanced Harley Street method, it is now possible to enjoy the powerful health giving benefits of colonic irrigation hydrotherpy in privacy.

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