Colonic irrigation | Now €90 | Nurse Therapists

Dublin Vitality Centre clinics with locations in Ballsbridge and Blanchardstown provide a unique combination of health and detox treatments in Dublin. Each and every service provided has been rigorously medically tested. Only the very latest and best FDA approved medical equipment is used. Nurse Practitioners are trained not just in the treatments they perform but in nutrition, exercise, skin care, dental care, massage so they are equipped to advise you on every aspect of your health.

Health Treatments Available Include:

  • Colonic Irrigation E90
  • Colonic Enemas E120 (Caffeine, Garlic, Spirillina)
  • Food Intolerance Test E90
  • Medical Diamond Microdermabrasion E70
  • Diathermy – Facial Red Vein Removal E70
  • Non Peroxide Teeth Whitening E99 or E120 with pen
  • Mercury / Amalgam 3 Day Detox E280
  • IBS programme – 4 x Colonic & Food Intolerance Test E360

Causes of IBS

  • Physically run down
  • Emotionally low
  • Candida Albicans
  • Food intoleranes, allergies
  • Medical drugs
  • Lacking nutrients
  • Unstable Blood Sugars
  • Hyperventilating

IBS Treatment Programme

Irritable Bowel Syndrome

At Dublin Vitality Centre with clinics in Ballsbridge and Blanchardstown offer a specialised programme to help relieve you of the symptoms of irritable bowel. Colonic irrigation is combined with food intolerance testing to achieve the very best relief from this debilitating and common disorder. Irritable Bowel Syndrome affects all age groups from the infant who cries of colic to the aged. It ranges in degree from just temporary interruption to a condition which makes the person mal-nutritioned, constantly tired, miserable and confused.

Irritable Bowel Syndrome Symptoms Include but are not restricted to:

  • Abdominal pain, aching and heaviness
  • Excessive wind
  • Bloating
  • Constipation
  • Diarrhea
  • Incontinence
  • Mucus in the stool
  • Small Ribbon or pebble like bowel movements
  • Rectal discomfort, feeling incomplete after bowel movement
  • Poor appetite, weight loss
  • Wanting to eat to “move things along”
  • Tightness in the waist
  • Headaches, backache
  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Painful periods, painful intercourse
  • Difficulty bending down

Contact Dublin Vitality Center to start a course of colonic irrigation. We will be happy to advise you on a course of action to reduce the painful and debilitating symptoms of IBS.

Why Do So Many People Suffer From IBS?
The short answer is that living life as we do is a health hazard. Some people claim that IBS is a phychosomatic illness but anyone who has experienced it knows that not the case. IBS is very real indeed and it effects the bowel and digestive organs in a very physical way. Nervous tension does not help however but it not the only cause. An over burdened immune system is an additional cause. But what causes our immune system to become so over burdened. We live a healthy life…dont we?

Why A Food Intolerance Test Is Important For IBS
The fact is that modern living is a long way from what our bodies were designed for.
Perscribed drugs affect us in many ways. Antibiotics disturb the good bacteria. Laxatives can create a sluggish or lazy bowel. Alcohol dehydrates our mouth. It also dehydrates every other organ including the brain and the colon drying us out from the inside. Hormones in meat and pollutants in the environment were never meant to be processed by our bodies. Dental fillings made of mercury being absorbed over years and years. Poisons absorbed from pesticides on the foods we eat. Sedentary lives where we exercise little and eat too much. High sugar diets which throw our blood sugars into summer saults. Do we really live a healthy life. Do we know what we are putting into our mouths. If we are to win the battle over IBS, its time to adjust our eating habits and figure out the best foods for our bodies. Dublin Vitality Centers IBS programme starts with a food intolerance test.

How Colonic Irrigation Benefits IBS
At Dublin Vitality Centres with locations in Ballsbridge, Dublin 4 and Blanchardstown, it is recommended to have a food intolerance test followed by a course of 3 colonics over 3 weeks. This is designed to help redevelop the muscles of the colon so that they can begin to function optimally. The colon is a muscle. But unlike the muscle in your arms and legs, it is not a voluntary muscle. Therefore it does not have a very strong connection with your brain. You cannot move your bowel just by thinking about it as you can with your arms and legs. So the aim of colonic irrigation to beat IBS is to take some of the control back. Colonic Irrigation consists of water entering the colon. This water is then pushed out by the client. When the water is pushed out, the colon is exercised. This is similar to undergoing physio therapy – to reactivate a muscle that has become weakened. Or working out in the gym to grow muscle. Over time, the colon becomes stronger and less out of control and the symptoms of IBS recede.

IBS should have 3 distinct names but all three relate to problems caused by insufficient muscular action (peristaltic) of the colon.

  • Hyperactive Bowel
  • Sleepy or lazy Bowel
  • Confused Over Impacted Bowel

Why Do I Need To Detox During Amalgam / Mercury Filling Replacement Therapy

It is very important to detox when undergoing mercury/ amalgam filling replacement therapy for a number of reasons. During the removal of mercury from a filling, particles of mercury become airborne. Some of them may be inhaled. It is very difficult to avoid this happening. Therefore , your body and your immune system should be in peak condition to avoid side effects from mercury poisoning. Side effects rang from cold and flu symptoms, lumps on the body, shingles, skin irritation, lesions on the lips and many under unusual and unexpected conditions. This is caused by mercury becoming loose and being swallowed or inhaled during the removal process. Therefore, you should prepare to detox after the amalgam mercury fillings are replaced so that you remove any traces of this substance from your body.

Dublin Vitality Center Amalgam / Mercury Metal Detox Programme

Day 1: Spirilina & Colonic Irrigation

This should happen at least 7 – 2 days before your appointment with your dentist to replace amalgam / mercury fillings. You will be supplied with a course of spirilina which you should take for 3 days before your removal and 3 days after it.

Day 2. Colonic Irrigation

You should attend for your second colonic irrigation session on the day of your dental appointment. If that is not possible, schedule for the next day or within 72 hours. This is important as it removes any free floating mercury which may have been inhaled or ingested during the removal process. Chlorella is supplied which should be added to your detox.

Your final session of colonic irrigation is important as it helps remove the very last traces of mercury from you body. This will enable your immune system to recover quickly.

Who is this programme Suitable for?
  • 1. Do you have mercury/ amalgam fillings in your mouth?
  • 2. Do you taste metal in your mouth at times?
  • 3. Do you have bowel problems such as constipation, IBS?
  • 4. Do you have mood swings or depression?
  • 5. Do you have hand tremors?
  • 6. So you suffer sight problems?
  • 7. Increased sensitivity to alcohol, worsening hangovers?
  • 8. Increased kidney problems?
  • 9. When were your mercury filling placed?
  • 10. Do they make contact with the gums
  • Wanting to eat to “move things along”
  • Tightness in the waist
  • Headaches, backache
  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Painful periods, painful intercourse
  • Difficulty bending down

If you have answered YES to 5 of these or more, you should consider mercury filling replacement therapy. This means that the mercury amalgam fillings in your mouth will be removed and replaced with white composite fillings.

How Can I Find Out if Mercury Is In my Body?

To find out if you should consider a mercury / amalgam heavy metal detox, you should visit a holistic dentist and undergo a breath test. This will measure the amount of mercury poison being released by amalgam fillings in your mouth. If you decide undego amalgam replacement therapy with your dentist, you should consider supporting that procedure with a mercury / amalgam detox programme.

Kick start Detox and Weight loss With €90 Colonic Irrigation Dublin Vitality Centre® Merrion Road, Ballsbridge Tel: 01-901 8359  and Blanchardstown Village 01-8201602

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