Colonic Irrigation Dublin Vitality Center now €90

Dublin Vitality Center offer advanced Colonic irrigation using the most advanced Harley Street Method. This means that you benefit from this wonderful treatment without any loss of privacy. Colonic irrigation Dublin Vitality Center is provided by nurse trained therapists. One of the many benefits of colonics is that it hydrates the body from the inside. This means that all the inner organ can function optimally enabling weightloss, bloating and other symptoms to be reduced.

Many of us know that we should be drinking 2 litres of water a day for optimum health. But like many things, achieving optimal hydration is easier said than done. Many of the foods and drinks which we take are diuretics, which mean they cause our bodies to lose water. If you are suffering from constipation, bloating and headaches, your body is probably dehydrated. When you undergo colonic irrigation, your colon absorbs water directly. This clean fresh purified water is used to hydrate all of your inner organs including the liver. The liver is responsible for metabolism. Anyone who has ever seen a liver, will know that this is an extremely watery type of organ. It holds alot of water and when it becomes dehydrated, the bodys metabolism is effected. This means that your optimal capacity to burn calories slows down. By having colonic irrigation, your liver is infused with hydration immediately which means that weightloss and vitality is optimised. It is said that hydration of the liver can increase your metabolism by up to 3%. Book Colonic Irrigation Dublin Vitality Center

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