Dublin Vitality Centre @Premier Suites, 50 Merrion Road, Ballsbridge, Dublin 4

Dublin Vitality Centre @Premier Suites, 50 Merrion Road, Ballsbridge, Dublin 4

At Dublin Vitality Center, you will find high quality treatments at affordable prices. This is achieved through consistent focus on quality.

One of the ways they achieve such great treatment is by investing in ongoing training. At Dublin Vitality Centre clinics, our colon hydrotherapists are trained to instructor level which means you are receiving the very best care and attention possible. Because we have seen systems and worked all over the world in this specialised field, we have selected the advanced Harley Street Method of colonic hydrotherapy, a system which offers increased privacy during treatment. Result are amazing since the client can relax and therefore experience the benefits of a total body cleanse at the deepest level possible.

By reducing their carbon foot print , Dublin Vitality Centre demonstrates that “Good Health Need Not Cost The Earth”. This means that our treatments focus on organic and natural with plant based products and materials used at all times where possible.

Book colonic hydrotherapy today at Dublin Vitality Centre with two beautiful clinic locations in Dublin. Enjoy health and detox treatments in a state of the art clinic on Merrion Road, Ballsbridge Dublin 4 or in Blanchardstown Villlage in a  beautiful cosy, purpose built clinic space, where you can be sure of the highest standards of customer care and attention. At Dublin Vitality Centre clinics , you will find high quality treatments and welcoming clinics with a focus on personal one to one  attention no matter where you choose to visit.

Kick start Detox and Weight loss With €90 Colonic Irrigation Dublin Vitality Centre® Merrion Road, Ballsbridge Tel: 01-901 8359  and Blanchardstown Village 01-8201602.

Book Today Ballsbridge, Merrion Road Clinic on 01-901 8359 Blanchardstown Clinic 01-8201602

Health Treatments Available Include:

  • Colonic Irrigation €90
  • Colonic Coffee Enemas €120
  • Inchloss Detox Express €250
  • Food Intolerance Test €120
  • Medical Diamond Microdermabrasion €90
  • Diathermy – Facial Red Vein Removal €90
  • Derma Pen Skin Needling - €120
  • Non Peroxide Teeth Whitening €99
  • Mercury / Amalgam 3 Day Detox €280
  • Vitality Living Method – 14 Day Skinny Cleanse €399 (Ballsbridge Only)
  • Food Intolerance Testing – Ballsbridge Clinic Only €120
  • Full Body MOT Heath Scan – Ballsbridge Clinic Only €150

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