Top 5 Reasons To Exercise Early


Top 5 Reasons To Exercise Early

What are the benefits to exercising early in the morning? We’ve all heard the hype about getting up and exercising early. But does it really make a difference what time we undertake our training and exercise programme? Frances Flannery, a qualified fitness trainer and nutritionist has been providing dietary and detox expertise for many years at Dublin Vitality Center. She believes that early morning exercise can benefit the body in a number of ways. Here are the Top 5 Reasons To Exercise Early gym exercise dublin vitality center


Are you struggling to wake up and shake up the day? You could be missing the ultimate window of opportunity to boost your metabolism, lose weight and kickstart your fitness. Here are the top 5 benefit for early morning exercise.

1. Positive Frame of Mind: Getting some early morning exercise helps you to focus before your day gets started. There is evidence to suggest that the old adage has more truth that myth “early to bed, early to rise, makes a man healthy wealthy and wise”.  Those who enjoy early morning exercise are said to be wealthier.

2. Get More Done: If you exercise early, you dont have to think about it again all day. You will get more done in the day and find that you have more energy to do it. Studies suggest that those who get up earlier are better problem solvers. Early morning exercise gives you the edge in the brain power department.

3. More Weight Loss: Evidence suggests that those who undertake early morning exercise lose more weight and faster. Looking slim and fit are always welcome benefits and getting a consistent routine time nailed down will enable you to stick to your plan better.

4. Appetite Control: The most recent research seems to suggest that exercising early controls your blood sugars throughout the day so you are less inclined to over eat. This is a double bonus for those who wish to trim fat.

5. Healthy Bowel: Our bodies respond to regular patterns. Exercise is an important technique to manage IBS, reduce bloating, constipation and reduce other bowel related issues as it strengthens the internal body muscles of the colon and gets the metabolism moving which increases healthy bowel function. Frances recommends that anyone planning to undertake a fitness or nutritional plan should start with colonic irrigation as it rids the body of toxins, increases energy and prepares the body for the good things to come. Those who suffer with IBS or symptoms such as gas, bloating constipation and who find it difficult to lose weight should visit Dublin Vitality Center for Colonic Hydrotherapy and professional dietary advice before making major dietary and exercise changes.


Now that you know the Top 5 Reasons To Exercise Early, its time to set your alarm clock, prepare your gym kit and get moving. It really is worth the effort.

Before undertaking any new fitness or health routine, always check with your GP first.

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