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Flatten Tummy | Reduce Bloating Colonic Irrigation by Nurse Therapists

Kickstart Your Detox & Weightloss With Colonic Irrigation Special Offer Now On Colonic Irrigation E90, Enemas E120

Clear Clean Skin

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  • Colonic Irrigation Dublin Vitality Center now €90
    Dublin Vitality Center offer advanced Colonic irrigation using the most advanced Harley Street Method. This means that you benefit from this wonderful treatment without any loss of privacy. Colonic irrigation...
  • Detox Inside & Out
    When you feel clean and healthy on the inside, it shows. Eyes sparkle with health and vitality. Skin is plump and youthful. Energy levels increase. During your colonic irrigation detox,...
  • Colonic Irrigation Clears Skin
    One of the many benefits of colonic irrigation is it ability to create healthy glowing clear skin. During the colonic irrigation treatment, toxins are removed from the body. Toxins such...
  • Why are Colonics Important
    After you change your eating habits from poor diet to nutritionally beneficial, toxins must come out. If you have lived on sugar, caffeine, alcohol, processed foods, animal products and low...

Dublin Vitality Health & Detox Treatments

Colonic Dublin – Colonic Irrigation €90 not €120 by Nurse Trained Therapists

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At Dublin Vitality Centre clinics in Ballsbridge and Blanchardstown, you can now kick start detox and weight loss with the advanced Harley Street Method of Colonic Irrigation.  At Dublin Vitality Centre clinics, will find a variety of health and detox treatments. At the Ballsbridge clinic, you can enjoy additional benefits of parking outside along with chill out room and showers.  The cosy and private health and detox clinic in Dublin 15 is tucked away quietly just behind SuperValu in the heart of Blanchardstown Village just off the M50. Visiting Dublin Vitality Centre is easy and convenient. Parking is FREE and easy at both clinics and you can be sure of receiving “ one to one” personal care by nurse trained practitioners. Since its inception in 2009, Dublin Vitality Centre has earned a reputation for excellence and high quality treatments in Dublin and all over Ireland. Within these friendly and relaxed clinics, Dublin Vitality Centre has become the recognised leader in the provision of the most advanced health and detox treatments in Ireland. At Dublin Vitality Centre, Ballsbridge and Blanchardstown, you will find the most advanced Colonic irrigation method in Ireland. The Harley Street Method of Colonic Irrigation offers advanced privacy and comfort. With its smaller tubes and inbuilt shower facility, The Harley Street Method has been called “the rolls Royce” of colonic hydrotherapy. It allows you to enjoy this incredible treatment in absolute privacy. Dublin Vitality Centre clinics are the very first in Ireland to introduce the FDA certified Biomeridian food intolerance test, which is used exclusively by physicians in the USA. The exclusive Heavy Metal Detox programme is only available at Dublin Vitality Center and combines a unique mix of colonics, enemas and nutrients. This is particularly suited to anyone who is undergoing mercury filling replacement therapy.

A Clean System

Amalgam Mercury Filling Body Detox

It is recommended to Have Colonic Irrigation After Amalgam Mercury Filling Removal Treatment to ensure that any particles of poisonous mercury are fully removed from the body. Infact, some dentists now recommend their clients have colonic irrigation after mercury removal. Residing mercury particles which are not fully removed may cause reactions and illnesses in the body. At Dublin Vitality Centre, we specialise in metal detox which is ideal for those who have recently undergone or are planning on having mercury amalgam filling replacd. Qualified Dental nurses will advise you on a specialised colonic irrigation detox programme to ensure mercury poisons do not affect the body after amalgam mercury filling removal. Contact us today to book your colonic amalgam mercury filling detox at Dublin Vitality Centre. Before and aftercare with specialised advice from qualified dental nurses including aftercare, supplements plan and tailored colonic irrigation programme to ensure safe amalgam mercury filling removal.

Kick start Detox and Weight loss With €90 Colonic Irrigation Dublin Vitality Centre® Merrion Road, Ballsbridge Tel: 01-901 8359  and Blanchardstown Village 01-8201602

Dublin Vitality Center Clients Benefit From

  •  Private Clinic
  • Free Parking
  • One to One Personal Care
  • Nurse Trained Practitioners
  • 50 Merrion Road, Ballsbridge, Dublin 4 and Blanchardstown Village
  • Dual Trained and Certified Therapists
  • Open Monday – Saturday
  • Late appointments by Request
  • FDA approved medical equipment

What Treatments Do You Offer At Dublin Vitality Center?

At Dublin Vitality Centre clinics, professionally trained nurse therapists understand that feeling great means looking after every part of the body. That is why they take a holistic approach to your health and wellbeing. With a focus on detox and natural skin care, Dublin Vitality Centre aims to revitalise your body naturally from within. Only the very best FDA approved medical equipment is selected for your comfort and confidence.

Treatments Available Include:

  • Colonic Irrigation €90
  • Colonic Enemas  €120
  • Food Intolerance Test €90
  • Medical Diamond Microdermabrasion €70
  • Diathermy – Facial Red Vein Removal €70
  • Non Peroxide Teeth Whitening €99
  • Mercury / Amalgam 3 Day Detox €250
  • Vitality Living 10 Day Detox & Weightloss Diet Plus Colonic €130

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Dublin Vitality Center Health Clinic

Dublin Vitality Center have created their own purpose built clinic space in the heart of Blanchardstown Village, as an expression of their belief in a healthy, happy carbon free and sustainable lifestyle. The transformation from a small unit to a holistic clinic space began in 2002. Dublin Vitality Center is located in a quiet and mature residential area. This adorably cosy clinic is powered by its own solar energy which means that costs are reduced for the client and also for the environment. The space is finished with bio degradable wood interiors which create a relaxing and calm environment . Only natural products are used where possible. Clients benefit from a quiet private location where they are less likely to be interrupted by the sound of traffic or noise pollution.

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